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Help & Support

The Bymin Help & Support page lists various types of issues that you may have encountered so that you can get back to shopping online quickly. For example, you can obtain additional information about order tracking, delivery date changes, assistance with returns (and refunds), and much more.

The Bymin Help & Support page also contains additional information about payment, shopping, and other topics. On the left side of the page, various filters are listed so that you can get your questions answered quickly, efficiently, and without hassle.

Types of Issues:

  • Help with your issues
  • Help with your order
  • Help with other issues

What issue are you facing?

How do I track my Bymin order?

Go to My Orders in your Bymin account to track your package.

How do I track my Bymin delivery?

You can track the location of your package by entering your tracking ID.

How do I find my order details?

Go to My Orders in your Bymin account to find details for all your orders.

What if I miss my Bymin order delivery?

Do not worry, the delivery agent will try to deliver again on the next working day. You can also call the delivery agent to get the latest delivery update.

How do I return my order on Bymin?

Place a return request in the My Orders page. You will get an option to choose refund/replace/exchange as per our return policy.

How do I place a request for order replacement?

Place a return request in the My Orders page. You will get an option to choose refund/replace/exchange as per our return policy.

What is the Bymin return policy for cash on delivery?

In case of cash on delivery, you will have to provide a bank account number for the refund.
For replacement/exchange, you will be given an alternate product for the returned product.

Can I ask the delivery agent to reschedule the pickup date?

Yes. You can schedule the pickup date based on your convenience.

What if I miss my Bymin order pickup?

Do not worry, the delivery agent will try to pick up again on the next working day.

Order With Bymin

I missed the delivery of my order today. What should I do? If you miss a delivery, the courier service will usually try to deliver on the next business day.
Check your SMS for more information on when the courier service will attempt to deliver again.
Will the delivery be attempted again if I am unable to pick up my order the first time? If you are unable to collect your order the first time, couriers will re-attempt delivery the following working day.

My order has been delayed. What should I do?

If your order is delayed, please check your email and messages for updates. You will be notified of a new delivery date, and you can also track its status by visiting My Orders.

Can I accept the shipment after opening it and inspecting the contents?

A shipment cannot be opened prior to delivery per company policy, but you may accept the shipment and contact us later if you have any concerns.

How do I know if my order has been confirmed?

Once you've successfully placed your order, you'll receive an email and an SMS. We'll also notify you as soon as the seller ships the item(s) to you, as well as provide you with the tracking number(s) for your shipment (s). Your orders can be tracked in the 'My Orders' section of your Bymin account.

Cancellations and Returns With Bymin

When will I receive my replacement if I request one?

To check the status of your replacement, go to My Orders.
The replacement item is usually delivered to you at the time of pick-up. In all other cases, the replacement process begins once the originally delivered item is picked up.
For more information, please refer to the SMS and email we sent you regarding your replacement request.

Which items are not eligible for returns?

The following table lists the products that are not returnable under the seller's Returns Policy:

Category Products that are not returnable
Auto Accessories Additives, Air Fresheners, Brighteners, Cleaners, Bike/Car Stickers, Degreasers, Dent/Scratch Removers, Filler Putty, Headlight Vinyl Films, Liquid Solutions, Lubricants, Polish, Power Steering Fluids, Sealants, Oils and Wax
Automobiles Cars, Mopeds, Motorcycles and Scooters
Bath and Spa Bath Bubble/Salt/Sponge/Wash, Body Wash, Loofahs, Scrubs, Shampoos and Soaps
Baby Care Bottle Nipples, Breast Nipple Care, Breast Pumps, Diapers, Ear Syringes, Nappy, Wet Reminder, Wipes and Wipe Warmers
Cleaning Products Cleaning Gels, Detergents, Detergent Pods, Fabric Wash Products, Surface Cleaners, Stain Removers and Washing Bars/Powder
Computer Accessories Blank/Educational Media, CDs/DVDs, Ink Toners, Music, Movies and Software
Food and Nutrition Canned Food, Condiments, Drinks, Fruits, Health Supplements, Meat, Seafood, Syrups, Vegetables and other Edible Products
Fashion Baby Dolls, Clothing Freebies, Lingerie Wash-bags, Shapewear, Socks, Stockings and Swimsuits
Footwear Accessories Oils, Glue, Grease, Socks, Shoe Deodorants/Polish Creams/Sprays and Wax
Gardening Products Plant Saplings, Plant Seeds and Soil Manure
Health Care Antiseptic, Band Aid, Body Pain Relief, Eye Drops, First Aid Tape, Glucometer Lancet/Strip, Healthcare Devices and Kits, Medical Dressing/Gloves and pH Test Strip
Home Products Adhesives, Barbeque wood, Bird/Insect Repellent, Contact Cement, Crack Fillers, Inks, Guitar/Yoyo Friction Stickers, Marker Refills, Mosquito Coil/Vaporiser/Vaporiser Refills, Naphthalene Balls, Scuba/Smoking-Pipe Mouthpieces and Sprays
Hygiene Cannula, Contact Lens, e-Hookah, Fake Moustache, Female Urination Devices, Menstrual Cups, Needles, Panty Liners, Shaving Products, Smoking Patch, Straws, Sweat Pads, Tampons, Teeth Whitening Products/Wipes, Tissues, Toilet Tissue Aid,Toilet Rolls and Women Intimate Care
Innerwear Bra Accessories, Briefs, Boxers, Lingerie Sets, Panty, Garter, Trunks and Vests
Jewellery Coins
Music Instrument Accessories Mouthpiece Cap/Pad/Set, Oils and Polish
Party Supplies Balloons, Candles, Cut-outs, Decoration articles and Whistles
Festive Supplies Hookah Charcoal/Flavor/Mouth-tip, Incense Sticks and Holi/Rangoli Color
Personal Care Conditioners, Creams, Deodorants, Electric Ear Cleaners, Eyebrow/Eyelash/Hair Styling Products, Eye Mask, Face Wash, Face Care/Fairness Products, Fragrance, Fresheners, Gels, Hair Care, Kajal, Lens Solution, Lip Plumper/Stain, Blackhead/Makeup/Nail Paint Removers, Mascara, Mehendi, Nail Sanding Pad, Oils, Oral Hygiene Products, Perfumes, Hand/Toothbrush Sanitizers, Serums, Talc, Sunscreen, Tanning Liquid, Tattoo, Toners and Wigs
Pet Supplies Aquarium Consumables, Hair Styling, Health Care/Medicinal Products, Horse Girth/Grooming Kit/Braid Tail Bag/Hay/Liniment/Poultice, Inhaler Masks, Litter Box Enclosures, Litter Scoops, Pet Chew, Pet Food/Treat, Pet Pad, Pet Hygiene/Personal Care Products, Poultice, Tail Wraps, Waste Bags and Water Troughs
Sexual Wellness Condoms, Fertility Kit/Supplement, Lubricants, Pregnancy Kits, Sexual Massagers, Sexual/Pleasure Enhancement Products and Vaginal Dilators

Can items be returned after the return period specified in the seller's Returns Policy has expired?

No, sellers will not accept returns after the time period specified in their Returns Policy.

Is it necessary for me to return the freebie when I return a product?

Yes, the freebie must be returned in addition to the product.

What is the process for returns?

You can request that your items be returned by following these simple steps:

  • Access your Bymin account.
  • Navigate to My Orders.
  • Click 'Return' next to the item you want to return or exchange.
  • Fill out the form and submit a return request.

When you submit a request, you will receive an email and SMS confirming that it is being processed. Depending on the item, your request may be automatically approved or you may be contacted for additional information.

If your request is approved, the item will be picked up, and you will receive a replacement or refund. You can also instantly track the status of your return request from your Bymin account's 'My Orders' section.

I can see the 'Cancel' button but cannot click it. Why?

A greyed out and disabled 'Cancel' button could mean one of two things:

  • The item has already been delivered.
  • OR
  • The product is non-refundable.

Payment With Bymin

What is the Bymin credit card EMI payment option?

You can pay in easy instalments of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 months with credit cards from the following banks using the Bymin credit card EMI option:

Axis, Citi, HDFC, HSBC, ICICI, Induslnd, Kotak, SBI, Standard Chartered

18 and 24 month EMI options are only available from a few banks. For more information, please see the table below:

Banks Supports 18 & 24 months tenure Minimum order value to avail 18 & 24 months EMI options
HDFC Yes ₹ 10,000
Citi Yes ₹ 10,000
ICICI Yes ₹ 10,000
Kotak Yes ₹ 4,000
Axis Yes ₹ 4,000
IndusInd Yes ₹ 4,000
Standard Chartered Yes ₹ 4,000

How do I place a corporate order for large quantities of the product?

For corporate orders or gifting, please contact

How do I label my saved cards?

When you save a card on Bymin, you can specify a card label in the 'My Account' section. You can also add/edit the label at any time by going to 'My Saved Cards' in Bymin's 'My Account' section.

What exactly is the 'Save Card' function?

You can save your credit/debit cards on your Bymin account using the 'Save Card' option. This allows you to complete your transactions quickly and easily.

How does Bymin protect against card fraud?

Our systems monitor online payments for any suspicious activity, and some transactions are verified through extensive checks if they are not authorized by the card's owner.
When we are unable to rule out fraud in rare cases, the transaction is halted and the shopper is asked to provide relevant proof. This is done to ensure the transaction is legitimate and authorized.

Shopping With Bymin

Why are there different prices for the same item?

You may see different prices for it as the same product may be listed by several Sellers

Is installation available for all products?

For certain items, sellers offer installation and demonstration through the brand or an authorized service provider. Please check the product page to see if these services are available for the item.

Is it necessary to create an account in order to shop on Bymin?

Yes, you must log into your Bymin account to shop. Shopping as a logged-in user is quick and easy, and it also provides added security.
You'll benefit from a more personalized shopping experience, including recommendations and faster checkout.

What does 'Preorder' or 'Coming Soon' mean?

Items marked 'Preorder' or 'Forthcoming' are expected to be released soon and can be pre- booked with sellers. Such items will be shipped after their official release by the seller with whom you have pre-booked them.

Can I use an item I received as a gift from a government-sponsored or NGO- funded freebie distribution programme to get discounts through exchange offers?

No, such items are not eligible for discounts under exchange offers, according to company policy. For more information, see the 'Exchange Offers' section of the 'Terms of Use' page.

E-Wallet With Bymin

What should I do if the balance in my wallet is insufficient to cover the cost of my order?

You can pay part of the amount with your wallet and the rest with other prepaid payment methods such as Credit/Debit Cards and Bymin Gift Cards.
Please keep in mind that for the time being, the wallet cannot be combined with the Cash/Card on Delivery (COD) payment mode, and bank offers will not be applicable for partial payments from the wallet.

How do I pay with PhonePe on Bymin?

Please follow these simple steps to pay on Bymin with PhonePe:

  • Place item(s) in your shopping cart
  • Continue to pay for your order.
  • Select 'PhonePe' and follow the prompts.

Following the prompts, you will be notified on your PhonePe app and asked to enter your MPIN to complete the transaction.

Is it possible to choose PhonePe wallet as a refund option?

Yes, you can choose to have the money refunded to your PhonePe wallet if your balance is less than 20,000 INR.

Is it necessary to install the PhonePe app in order to use the wallet option on my Bymin account?

No, you will be able to make payments using the wallet option on your Bymin account without installing the PhonePe app.
You can install the PhonePe app to gain access to additional payment options.

How long does it take for Bymin to refund my PhonePe wallet?

Refunds to your PhonePe wallet are immediate and will be credited to your wallet as soon as the sellers or courier service providers confirm the pickup or cancellation.

I had some money in the Bymin Money section that I'd like to transfer to my bank. Will I need to install the PhonePe add-on to do this?

The amount can be easily transferred to your account via the Bymin website.
To transfer money from your PhonePe wallet to your bank account, you would not need to install the PhonePe app.

Will I be able to use PhonePe UPI linked account and other registered account for NEFT or IMPS if my refund amount exceeds 20,000 INR?

The amount can be easily transferred to your account using the Bymin website. You would not need to install the PhonePe app to transfer money from your PhonePe wallet to your bank account.

Refurbished Products With Bymin

What exactly is a refurbished product, and how do I spot one on Bymin?

A refurbished product is a previously owned item that has been tested for optimal performance and functionality and is covered by the seller's warranty.
These products are classified into different grades based on their condition, and you can learn more about them by visiting the 'Refurbished Zone' on Bymin.
You can tell refurbished products from new ones by looking for a 'Refurbished' tag near the product name on all refurbished products.

How are the prices of refurbished products determined?

Sellers set the price of refurbished products based on the grade, which is determined by the amount of time the product has been used and the appearance as a result of wear and tear.

How do I determine the quality of a refurbished product?

Each refurbished product is assigned a grade, which you can learn more about by clicking on the 'Grade' tag.
Please visit the 'Refurbished Zone' on Bymin for more information on various grades.

Can refurbished products be found by searching for their product name?

No, refurbished products cannot be found by searching for them by their product names. However, you can see a list of refurbished products by typing 'refurbished' into the search bar or going to the 'Refurbished Zone.'

Can I narrow my search for refurbished products by product grade?

Yes, you can filter refurbished products on Bymin by grade.

Shipping With Bymin

Why aren't faster delivery options available at my address?

Faster delivery options may not be available at your location due to courier issues, but we are working to expand our services to more locations. Stay tuned for more information!

Why can't I have some items shipped to my location?

Some sellers prefer not to ship to specific locations due to the costs involved, and this is entirely up to them. You can see if any other sellers ship to your location by entering your pin code on the product page.

Are same-day and next-day delivery options available for return requests?

No, but we will do our best to have your item(s) picked up by our courier service providers and replaced as soon as possible.

What are the standard shipping times and fees?

Delivery fees and shipping timelines may differ depending on the seller.
The delivery timeline is shown on the product page. On the product page, you can enter a delivery pin code to see a list of sellers who serve that area as well as the shipping costs.

Why was my order not eligible for free delivery?

If you order products worth Rs. 500 or more, you will receive free delivery. If your order value for products is less than Rs. 500, a delivery fee of Rs. 40 will be charged.
Delivery charges, if any, will be decided by the sellers and will vary.
Please click on 'View sellers' under the seller rating on the product page for information about sellers selling any particular product and their respective delivery charges.

Why can't I order items like a television, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, furniture, microwave, treadmill, and so on at my location?

The delivery of large category products to a specific location is determined by the following factors:

  • Dimensions and weight
  • Location of the seller
  • Serviceability of the seller's partnered service provider

Always keep your preferred delivery location/address up to date to ensure that the seller is offering the product or deal at your location.

How do I get in touch with the seller's partnered courier service providers?

Here is the contact detail of the leading courier service provider:
Delhivery -

Warranty Claim With Bymin

I see that the warranty terms for my product have changed on Bymin since I purchased it. Will this void my warranty?

No, the warranty terms for your product will remain the same as when you received it, and this will have no effect on your warranty.

My warranty card was misplaced. How can I obtain a warranty?

You can get warranty for your product even if you don't have a warranty card.
Please present the invoice as your warranty claim to any authorized service centre of the brand.

How do I make a warranty claim for my product?

You can use the invoice to claim the warranty for your product at any authorized service centre of the brand.

I'd like to check the status of my product's warranty, but I don't have the warranty card. How should I proceed?

Please contact our Customer Service and we will assist you with the details.

The warranty terms on Bymin and the brand's website are different. What will happen to my product's warranty now?

The mismatch could be due to changes in the product's warranty terms over time. You will, without a doubt, be entitled to the terms listed on the warranty card provided to you at the time of purchase.

The warranty card I received has no seal. How will I make a warranty claim?

The warranty card seal is not required for the warranty to be valid.
the invoice you received with the product can be used to claim warranty for the product as it contains the details of your purchase.